Opening thoughts

Hi, welcome to this new blog.

I won’t lie, this isn’t my first attempt at writing a blog. I think, this is my fifth. If you missed my previous attempts, well, that’s not surprising – they only lasted one or two entries until my attention diverted or motivation dwindled. For sure, some of them went wholly unpublished.

So, what’s this one about? Well, it’s about a lot of things.

The protagonist, if you will, is my garden. A small patch of Earth in North Perth to which I have been blessed the privilege of shepherding through the next many years of life.

The experiment or better yet, the journey… is one toward ethical and sustainable consumption.

And the subject, the mule, the toiler… that’s me.

For many years now I’ve felt challenged by consumption. That, the way in which I consume resource from the Earth is in imbalance. That, the quality of inputs I consume (e.g. food, fuel and clothing) are more valuable than those I output (e.g. landfill and pollution). That, it’s morally devastating each time I twist open a fish-shaped soy sauce container, flavour my sushi and sentence that container to hundreds of years of slow decay in landfill.

My mind is full of questions. Where does the food in our supermarkets come from? How does it get there? What happens to my waste when it is loaded into a truck and driven from my house? From where on Earth exactly was the fuel extracted that enables my car today?

I could go on, but I think it all amounts to this:

I feel disconnected from Earth and it doesn’t feel right. At my current pace, my environmental impact on this Earth that will take many hundreds or thousands of years to undo. This isn’t OK.

For all the life, gifts and pleasure that the Earth gives me, what am I giving it in return?

How am I taking action?

Some years ago now I enjoyed a visit to a Permaculture garden in Melbourne, run by Angelo Eliades. In those brief hours, I witnessed a working model of a home garden that inspired me. It was a model of small-scale urban food production that honoured Earth and its natural cycles, that was responsible.

And here we are.

This blog will feature the progression of my garden from its present ornamental and concreted state, to being a functioning and permacultured piece of Earth. It will take some years.

The end-game?… Well, many years from now, I pray to be able to reflect on a life that aligned to my inner voice and values. Specifically, for this puzzle piece, I desire to reach a place in which I feel my consumption finds balance. Over time, I will unpack and understand what that means – for me.

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For more information on Permaculture, Google can be your friend.

I’ll be back next week with some practical opening thoughts, some layouts and other bits as they come to mind.

Below are some current state photos.

Respect and love.